The 6 Key Ingredients Of A Great Corporate Gift

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Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts show clients that you appreciate them and strengthen relationships which is a key determinant of whether you get recurring business or not. The main aim of a corporate gift is to make clients feel valued and important.

A gift should not be given for the sake of giving but, should be meaningful and thoughtful. It should be something practical and useful and yet aesthetically appealing.

The gift should spread the correct message about your feelings and intentions and thus careful thought should be made when deciding on a gift.

1) Remember, its about them – not you
When you give a corporate gift, do not have the mentality that you want your logo spread across the whole item to maximise branding exposure. This selfish agenda is a put off and clients will see through this immediately. Instead, the gift should come from the heart and branding should be as subtle as possible so that the client will not mind using it. It should look nice so the client feels proud to use it as well.

2) Add a personal touch
Every little aspect of the gift should be carefully crafted to display thoughtfulness. From the packaging to the branding to the choice of item. The gift should always anchor to the intention of the giver. The client should be able to justify why this gift is chosen. Choose a gift that is customised and tailored to your customer and not some mass giveaway they see everyday. It should have a WOW impact for it to be appreciated.

3) Go long term
After giving a gift, do not immediately ask for business. That would soil the relationship. Instead, just give with no agenda and you will be surprised by unexpected results. Take time to congratulate and compliment your clients and build a sustainable relationship.

4) Be creative
It is important to be creative with the choice of gift. Gift should have various aspects fulfilled. It should be practical, appealing and meaningful to the receiver. That is why a good gift consultant is important to help you evaluate and advise on what suits you situation best!

5) Different strokes for different folks
It is important to tag the amount spent to the value of the client. It is better to spend more on a small group of important clients than to do a cheap corporate gift that is given to the masses with little or no ROI.

6) Here to help!
Unsure of what to get to fulfil all the above factors? Fret not. Contact one of our experienced gift consultants at and they will do fact finding to find out your needs and help you realise your ideal gift to strengthen relations with your customer.