Why Corporate Gifts Matter?

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Basically there are 4 reasons why you should use corporate gifts for your business. Firstly, corporate gifts are used to show appreciation to your clients. Giving them a gift shows that you care about them and enhances the relationship. Secondly, corporate gifts can be given to employees to motivate them and will indirectly increase their productivity. Corporate gifts can also be used as an advertising tool to gain attention from prospects. Lastly corporate gifts may be made to be sold as merchandise to generate additional profit for the business.

Corporate gifting should be every company’s number one strategy as it is a means of increasing leads, increasing conversions and increasing repurchase. Let me explain. By giving gifts to prospects during exhibition, creates good feelings and they will be inclined and enticed to listen to your business offering. By giving gifts to clients will show them how much you like them and they will reciprocate by giving you more repeat business. By giving corporate gifts to employees, they will know you care and will work harder for the company.

Studies have shown that when clients don’t feel connected to you, they look for alternatives who they can relate to and trust. Losing clients just because you are unable to establish a good relationship is something that can be avoided with a simple promotional product.

Staff also have the need to feel appreciated and respected. Thus, giving a little something beats having to praise them all the time. Action speaks louder than words right?

Express your gratitude by giving gifts which will not cost a lot but goes the extra mile in building relationships with stakeholders.

Corporate gifts can also alter the company culture in a positive way! Happy employees make a happy working environment and culture. A gift can be as simple as a $1 pen but can work wonders!

Corporate gifts boost performance of employees and encourage them to give their very best, boosting the sales of the company.

Top Corporate Gift Ideas for 2022/2023

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Corporate Gifts ideas Singapore


There is no one size fits all corporate gift that will suit every client and marketing campaign. Every gift should be tailored to the client’s need and marketing campaign. However, there are some interesting and cool ideas which comes close to creating a positive impression to most target audiences. These are our top 10 picks for 2022.

1. Travel Adaptors

As travel is opening up, travel adaptors are back to claim their spot as the most popular corporate gift of all time. Many new models and improved versions has emerged post covid pandemic and are very quickly gaining popularity. Check in with FOTO88 corporate gift consultants to view the latest designs.

2. Powerbanks

With the increased usage of mobile phones these days, the battery life is simply not enough. Powerbanks come in second as the most popular gift to have in 2022 / 2023. Nowadays powerbanks comes with wireless charging and huge capacity and in more compact sizes. Check in with FOTO88 corporate gift wholesale for the latest powerbanks for your next corporate gift.

3. Small Sling Bag

Even guys has many things to carry around these days. Gone are the days where only the ladies carry handbags. Guys have got wireless earbuds, keys, wallet, powerbank, card holders etc to carry around. A small unisex sling bag will be a great gift for almost anyone on the street. Some sling bags are so slim, you can even hide them in your jacket! Check in with FOTO88 for the latest sling bags!

4. Ang Baos / Red Packets

Red packets are the best for branding! They are practical and people will definitely use it during Chinese New Year. Unique impressive designs are sure to create an impression to the recipient. FOTO88 curates unique designs to suit every companies unique image and identity. Red Packets win the best value gift as they are economical and yet elevates your brand to the next level.

5. Awards

Staff turnover is one of the biggest problems in today’s society. The new generation no longer seek only monetary returns. They are looking for purpose and appreciation. They need to feel valued by the organisation. Awards does just that. Show your appreciation to top performers by giving them a unique award to recognise their hard work and efforts they have done for your company.

6. Plush

Nothing beats a heartwarming plush. As people say, nobody cares until they know you care. Show your clients how much you appreciate them by giving them a cute corporate branded plush. Plush are also best to commemorate significant milestones and events like a graduation ceremony. SgPlush can customise any design you want and any size you require. They have even done a live size bird plushie! Contact SgPlush to find out more.

7. Polo Tees & Round Neck Tees

Apparels are so versatile and can be sued in so many occasions. They can be used during an event, used as uniforms or sold as merchandise. Apparels with great fitting and quality materials are sure to bring the most value for every dollar spent.

8. Notebooks

Many may claim that notebooks are passé and now everyone uses they mobile to record stuff. However, studies has shown that writing things down is way better than keying it into your mobile. The act of writing registers the information into your brain better and helps in organisation of thought. Notebooks has been the best selling corporate gift and still is till today! FOTO88 has developed a very unique success journal that has 100 success quotes and 100 success tips written by their managing director himself. This additional value at no additional cost is definitely a must buy corporate gift for all companies.

9. Umbrellas

Rain or shine, one corporate gift that will suit any company is an umbrella. Umbrellas protect the user from not only the rain but the sun rays as well. They are versatile and unisex. The best thing about umbrellas is that they provide a huge space for branding and marketing. This gives your brand the extra mileage and pushes the value of your marketing dollar. FOTO88 has the widest range or umbrellas customisation methods to offer. Give them a ring to find out more.

10. Caps & Towels

Last, caps and towels are great for sporting events and is a way to create repeated impressions for your brand. When someone wears a cap with your brand, everyone around the person sees your brand and this elevates your branding score. Towels and caps are unisex and versatile. They are practical and useful and should be top of mind for every corporate gifts proposal.

How to evaluate a corporate gift supplier

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It is important to choose a reliable corporate gift supplier to manufacture your gifts and premiums to ensure your event or marketing campaign is a success. Below are are of the key factors to consider when selecting a vendor.

Vendor’s Experience

You should always select a vendor who has vast experience in the corporate gift industry. With a wealth of experience, the gift consultants will be able to anticipate potential problems and mitigate and resolve them. It will be best to select a tenured gift company that has been around for more than a decade. For example, FOTO88 has been serving banks and major MNCs since 1973. Being in the industry for almost 5 decades means that the chances of them being able to deliver a great outcome for any project they are assigned to do is very high.

Vendor’s Company Values

The vendor’s company values is crucial in determining if the company is a good fit or not. You must be able to “connect” with the gift consultant in order to get the exact outcome you want. The vendor has to have the right mindset towards a common goal as yours. You should be able to guess the company’s values after your first meeting with the consultant. Not all vendors are profit driven. For example, FOTO88’s values is to Exceed Client Expectations. This will be in line with most company’s objectives. Everyone loves a perfect outcome right?

Vendor’s Flexibility

Have you come across a vendor that says NO to everything you request? Or charge an arm and leg for every small amendment? Well, many vendors are like that. However, if you come across a vendor like FOTO88 that always seeks to impress you and go the extra mile for you, you will be pleasantly surprised and pampered. At FOTO88, they will do their very best to fulfill your request at No or little additional charge.

Vendor’s Creative Gift Proposals

It is crucial to find a vendor with constant new ideas and creativity. In order to constantly impress your clients and employees, the gift should be interesting and have a wow impact to stretch the marketing dollar to the fullest. The vendor should be able to identify your exact pain point and propose a gift tailored specifically for you and your objective and campaign.

Vendor’s Muscle

Yes you heard it right! It is important to find a vendor with strong muscle. Meaning, the vendor should have the ability to get factories to rush goods out within impossible timelines and to squeeze the best value out of the factories. Basically, vendors should be able to make the impossible happen for you! Few vendors have such strong bargaining power so do check out the vendors portfolio and past clients to have a clue as to how big this vendor’s muscle is. If all the big boys engage this vendor, it should be relatively safe.

Vendor’s Packaging Capability

First impressions matter right? Yes, the gift itself is important but the packaging is what creates the first impression and the wow impact. It is important to find a vendor that emphasises on great packaging and is able to curate an impressive box or carrier for your gift.

Vendor’s Communication Skills

Have you ever been frustrated trying to convey a simple message but the vendor simply doesn’t get it? That is so frustrating and such a waste time right? At FOTO88, we listen intently and anticipate the problems and challenges and seek to think of solutions for you with a proactive attitude, making your job a breeze.

Vendor’s Portfolio and Samples

The most important thing in selecting a vendor is to ensure they have a wealth or samples and past projects to show for. This not only solidifies that they have what it takes to fufill your order but also makes things a lot easier to explain your requirements based on the past samples. You could gain ideas, insights and inspirations from past projects and curate an even better product to impress and wow your clients

Vendor’s Product Quality

Nothing is more important that ensuring that the corporate gift is made of great quality. A lousy product will damage your company’s reputation and defeats the purpose of giving a gift in the first place. The vendor must be able to take care of your brand and ensure branding guidelines are adhered to. To ensure that your logo is not distorted, the Pantone is correct and logo size has ample breathing space and is of the right proportions.